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May 23, 2024

CanvasRebel Magazine Features Grow With Meerkat CEO Stephanie Solheim


CanvasRebel Magazine Features Grow With Meerkat CEO Stephanie Solheim

Toledo, Ohio – April 16, 2024 ( – Stephanie Solheim, the Co-Founder and CEO of Grow With Meerkat Digital Marketing, was recently featured in an insightful interview with CanvasRebel Magazine. The article highlights Solheim’s entrepreneurial journey, the unique approach of her women-led digital marketing agency, and her commitment to supporting women in business.

In the interview, Solheim discusses how Grow With Meerkat diverges from industry standards by prioritizing the empowerment of women, both within the company and among its clients. “As a women-led business, we intimately understand the challenges working women face in balancing career and family,” Solheim states. “That’s why we’ve intentionally built our business to be as supportive as possible for the women we employ and the women entrepreneurs we serve on a global level.”

Solheim shares her personal experience as a working mother and how it has shaped the culture at Grow With Meerkat, which offers flexible hours, welcomes children’s presence, and strives to pay independent contractors well above industry standards. The company also frequently donates its services to help women-owned businesses improve their digital presence and marketing.

When asked about advice for growing clientele, Solheim emphasizes the importance of showing up consistently, being genuinely helpful, and focusing on giving value freely in online communities. “Don’t worry about selling or self-promoting. Just be a kind, knowledgeable, generous presence, and trust that the relationships and opportunities will follow,” she advises.

Solheim also discusses her strategies for maintaining high team morale, which include setting clear expectations, fostering open communication, respecting cultural diversity, and treating people with empathy and respect. “Put people first, always,” Solheim states. “When your team knows you care about them as whole people, they’ll move mountains for you.”

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About Grow With Meerkat Digital Marketing:
Grow With Meerkat is a women-led digital marketing agency based in Toledo, Ohio, specializing in comprehensive digital marketing solutions to strengthen businesses and help them reach the next level. Co-founded by Stephanie Solheim and Alex Brinkman in 2020, the company has been honored with the Toledo City Paper’s Best of Toledo – Best Website Designer award four times.

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Stephanie Solheim
Co-Founder and CEO, Grow With Meerkat Digital Marketing
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